Going unreal

Easier the world

might actually seem

more likely is it’s audacity

to fuck my dream

nevertheless, the things

i wish would’ve had an end

here with a cigar,

i’m happy as i pretend

world full of happiness

was what we all desired

world full of lies was

what i should’ve acquired

how good is a world,

when it’s out of

wars and clashes

stubborn as my personality,

i’d rather watch it

burn into ashes.

Psalms of melancholy

They said life was full

of love and affection

now i realise, it’s just a

matter of your pretension

breaking the lines won’t

make you a poet

but, breaking your heart

would surely do it

the hymns of love may

help you brighten

but i’d rather choose to do the

breaking in hymen

i’ll let myself sink

into depression

cus the shit turns out to be

a better motivation

don’t neglect melancholy as if

it was supposed to be fled

accept the shit, else your life will

turn out to be as good as dead.